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Select Payment Method

1. Customer pay cash

Pay by cash

Select Cash

Input cash

Insert the amount of money customer pay and select “ok”

2. Customer pay with credit card

Pay by credit card

Select “credit card” tile

Input credit

Insert the amount of money customer pay with credit card and select “ok”

Complete pay

Select “no” if you don’t want invoice and complete the pay

3. Customer pay with gift card

Step 1: Select pay with “gift card”

Pay by gift

For example, we have a 105$ bill and select “gift card” tile

Step 2: Insert gift card code

Input gift code

Insert gift card and select “ok” on the key pad for the system to check

Checked gift

After the system has checked, next select “confirm”

Step 3: Complete Pay

Complete pay

4. Customer pay with voucher

Step 1: go to Friendly POS, select service customer had used

Customers services

Customer had used “polish hands”,”Polish feet”,”Nail repair(s)”

Step 2: select “voucher” in Select Payment Types

Select voucher

Step 3: system will display list of vouchers of customer, choose right type of vouchers for services that customer had used then select “apply”

Apply vouchers

Apply 2 vouchers are “polish hands” và “nail repair”, then click Confirm

Step 4: the example above is in the case customer use 3 services but only has vouchers for two, so the remaining 7$ we choose other payment method depend on customer (cash, credit card, …) and complete pay

Complete pay voucher

5. Customer use check

Step 1: Select “check” payment method in Friendly POS

Pay by check

Step 2: insert check number and the amount of money customer need to pay and select “ok”

Input check

Step 3: complete pay

Complete pay check

System alert were paid $19.00 by check, click complete pay

6. Customer use coupon / ticket to pay

Step 1: after select service, you choose coupon / ticket

Pay by ticket

We have 4 services, total price is $24.00

Step 2: insert coupon / ticket code (customer provide) into the panel in the picture

Pay by coupon

Step 3: Complete pay

Complete pay coupon

Bill paid with coupon 25$

Notice: All coupon, voucher,… need to be apply with the right customer (if not match with phone number of customer in the system, the payment will not be accepted) to avoid unwanted dispute

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